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I almost agree. But there is two problems in your reasoning.

Firstly, globalization do not much benefits to the poor. It’s not mixed feelings: globalization is a threat for them, and a threat far more visible than nationalist populisms. They have the choice between two threats, and they choose quite reasonably.

Secondly, if we have to judge globalization, we have to judge it globally. We have to stop thinking that we, people from Occident (I’m French), are the whole world. There are huge disparities, some countries profiting of the globalization, and other suffering from it. Moreover, if every citizen of Earth had our way of life, it would not be sustainable.

So, yes we have to repair the car-globalization. But maybe the engine is too much broken; in this case, why refuse to buy a new car? An other globalization is possible. It’s the only way to save peace and prosperity: create a new globalization which take into account the poor people and the poor countries. If we do not do that, the whole world will be full of Trumps.