Lost and Founder

Emanuel P
Emanuel P
Nov 14, 2018 · 2 min read

Rand Fishkin’s face has been associated with SEO due to his whiteboard Friday series. If you are looking into learning SEO, from whatever corner of the world you might be, there’s a serious chance that Moz’s Knowledge Base will be your first stop.

And also, by sharing a Rand’s video on Twitter, I kind of got a job, when the senior recruiter checked my twitter profile and saw that post.

Rand published a book this year called Lost and Founder.

Emotional, personal and honest.

Takes guts that not so many people have to share all of his emotional struggles, struggles that any entrepreneur faces during his journey.

Helpful insights on the startup world and the software companies universe.

Shall we expect a different approach from SaaS form now on? After reading Rand’s past decisions and what he learned from, I think a lot of CEO’s will have a different approach on their business (hint — more customer on boarding in the first month of subscriptions).

Key Takeaways:

Like we didn’t know this before: focus on your (one) product. Make it great. Then add additional services.

I recommend reading the book and watching/listening Rand on Stephan Spencer Optimized Geek podcast: https://www.optimizedgeek.com/painful-lessons-growing-an-8-figure-business-with-rand-fishkin/

PS: I’ve been reading a lot lately; trying to improve my vocabulary with at least 1 word/book. This book had at least 5.

Emanuel P

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Emanuel P

Passionate Digital Marketer and Blockchain enthusiast. Music man. I connect people and make things happen https://about.me/emanuel1986/

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