Soccer or Football??

In the end, it all depends who you are talking to.

Originally, in Britain there were two codes: rugby football and association football (soccer).

In contemporary Britain “football” can be soccer or rugby but more commonly soccer.

In Europe, Africa, Asia and South America the word “football” refers to “association football”. Often described as the World Game.

In USA “football” is American football (National Football League — NFL). When using the word “soccer” everyone knows that you mean European football.

In Australia “football” or “footy” refers to Aussie rules football (Australian Football League — AFL). Rugby codes are called “football” too. “Soccer” again means the other football (A-League).

State Soccer offers soccer lessons for children regardless of whether we call it soccer or football. It’s our aim that children experience the World Game with our unique coaching approach.

We believe that local kids have been waiting for the opportunity to be part of a game that suits them. Our coaches look at mental and physical needs, and specific requirements for all children.

Programs are innovative, age appropriate, fun and great learning experiences.

State Soccer is available at venues near you throughout Adelaide.

Give your child the chance to discover the magic of the world game.

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