How to be solution-oriented — Episode 1: Find the REAL problem

Did you ever find an issue with someone else’s code?

I’m not talking about a bug or a module poorly coded. I’m talking about an issue that can potentially affect the whole application, or an important part of it. A poor choice on how to use a framework, for example, or a coding standard which is adding lot of extra work to the developers, and so on.

When this happens, developers usually react in two different ways. The first category of developers simply keeps quite. Their focus is in either bringing home the money for their job without “troubles”, either in avoiding conflicts with the other team members.
Into the second category instead would fit all those developers that believe complaining will change anything. You’ll recognise them as they can’t keep quite. They may be harsh with words, or be punching the desk, or just talking between themselves about how crap the code is.

Then, there’s a tiny percent of solution-oriented developers: they would spot an issue, they would investigate it in their spare time, and finally they would raise their concerns to the team-leader or manager, or even to the CEO, if it is appropriate.

What they are doing isn’t just an outstanding job. In fact, they are also creating a chance for themselves to be noticed by who’s up there in the ladder.

Do you want to keep being invisible, or do you want to stand out from the crowd? 
Watch the video and learn how to give your career a boost.