Willpower Doesn’t Work. Here’s How to Actually Change Your Life.
Benjamin P. Hardy

This is very interesting and useful. Issue is, sometimes we unconsciously deny what we’d really love to create in our life. And because of it, it becomes extremely hard to keep going, because there’s not a strong-enough “why”. And if you try to “force your why”, you are still using your will-power, with all the issues you mentioned above. It is very hard to get out the confort zone, invest, act boldly, if you don’t have that “why-force within”. A true vision, in other words.

What’s missing is to learn what prevents you to have that “big why”. In other words: to unveil your unconscious mind’s plans. Which, as you said, are mostly about keeping us in the confort zone and beliefs zone, which is quite addictive. But only until we understand WHY we have some beliefs, and HOW they play out in our lives. After that, the “why-force” will natural emerge. Because when you learn why you deny to yourself what you truly desire, you’ll be finally able to focus on it. And you’ll make it happen.

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