Ode to Dépèjú

September 27th 2017 (DODOS) 
On this Day in 2015, I served with an Angel in Human form.
On this Day on 2017, that Angel has been taken back to Heaven whence she came.

I could cry a million tears but your smile is gone. 
I could wait a million years but your time is done. 
I could wail a million yells but your chime is rung.
I could curse a million swears but still will you remain. 
You were a friend turned Sister turned Strength, a pillar I leaned on in time of crisis
You've put food in my belle when I was poor and hungry. 
You've put food on my table when I was rich and ballin'
You've served with me in mediocrity 
You've served with me in obscurity 
You've served with me in OTA CITY 
Blessed be the Day I met you at an accident scene, we bonded!
Blessed be the Day you met me at a volunteers meet, we bonded!
Blessed be the Day!! Blessed be the Day!!!

We became friends cause of your heart's of Gold.

We spoke of time to unfold

Your passion for Kids and a desire to unite the world with a smile,

Your dream to make kids play again with Aunty Depeju's place.

For my excuses and delay of that dream I ask your forgiveness.

For my absence I apologize.

I am but Human and Error prone, I thought I had all the time with my friend but Time proved me wrong.

I would miss you more than you know, my career plan you take to the grave.

That voice of yours that cheers up my phone, i'll never hear "Mentor!" the same again.

My Cheerleader and temper checker, you thought me to see the best in people, you showed me trust and kindness too.

A Golden Heart no One like you.

My biggest fan, consultant and G, an honor it is to call you Sister.

I Love you and would miss you Racheal Adepeju Adebayo.

I pray that you rest in the Bosom of the Lord.

(The Cap Speaks)

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