You don’t love because you should love. You love because you can’t keep that smile when you see him. You can’t keep that feeling in your tummy when you talk to him. You can’t stop the pain when you see him. With his girl.

I love you, a lot. But I don’t want it like this. I’m inlove with you and you’re not even aware. I’m so so so inlove with you. And then you, you’re inlove with her.

I don’t know what I was holdin on since then. We are nothing. and ‘We’ shouldn’t even be called ‘We’. What should I call us? Oh, my mistake. What should I call you and me? Friends? nah, can’t accept that.

Should I let you go? Well it’s not like we’re something, not like we’re holding on to each other. Then should I distance myself from you? Or act like nothing, like I don’t think of you all night, like I don’t check your accounts, like I don’t stare at you when you’re not looking, like I’m not into you?

I don’t know what to do anymore. I wish I could unlove you. ASAP.

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