I’ve never used SceneKit before. So yesterday, I decided to see how much I could learn in just a couple hours.

I was dining alone for lunch the other day. And rather than stare at the adjacent parking lot, I chose to stir up a conversation among my community of iOS and Mac developers by tossing a question into a Slack channel. I got some great responses which I plan to follow up on (and a few I’ll choose to disregard). I got the expected punch list of APIs and keywords to read up on, interleaved with an unexpected trove of hard-won wisdom. I’m re-inspired to hone my craft.

I’ve edited and reorganized the chat log a bit for clarity and…

I’m playing Oz: Broken Kingdom. (Yes, “400 flying monkeys” from the iPhone 7 launch.) If you’ve read The Wizard of Oz, or really most any fantasy novel, you won’t be surprised to hear that there’s good magic and bad magic in this game. Good Magic is good. It helps people and brings happiness. Bad magic is bad. It brings confusion and sadness.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. — Arthur C. Clarke

My iPhone unlocks for me—and only me—at the touch of a button. It anticipates my needs with commute times, warns me when it’s about to rain…

“The [software developer tool] team clearly doesn’t use [that tool] themselves.”

“The [popular app] team clearly had no testers.”

As professional software developers, can we maybe stop and think before saying these things on Twitter and other public forums? You’re probably factually wrong. So the people who did that work are hearing:

“All that time you spent dogfooding was a waste. You could have just used a stable tool to get your work done. You could have spent more weekends with your family instead.”

“The months you spent testing this app are completely invisible. The bugs you did find, the…

Side quest: Drawing

I lose things a lot. Sometimes they’re just misplaced, sometimes gone forever. I don’t know if I have ever run out of ink in a pen—there’s too many chances to lose such a small daily use tool like that. It costs $1.

But I’ve been working on losing things less. I’m building habits about which pocket of my backpack is for my earbuds, where my car keys go when I am in the house, a mental checklist for my pockets. So I thought maybe I was ready for a more expensive writing implement. I bought a colored pencil that can…

I moved from Senior Test Pilot to Software Engineer last month.

Please don’t call it a promotion. It’s a change, and hopefully even a positive one for me. But it’s not a promotion.

I suppose if North is ‘up’ then I moved up in the world by about 50 feet. The fact that I gave up a window office for an interior office on a relatively high traffic hallway gives a more accurate picture of my job transition.

Why is it so important to me that this is not a promotion? Because I think it is very important to remind…

This is only a test.

I wanted to see if the mobile app is tolerable for writing posts. So, since you are here, you get a cat photo.

The only button I haven’t used yet is the link. So maybe you should go read one of my more substantive posts.

A software tester’s job is, in part, to tell the rest of the development team that there’s a problem. But there’s an art to delivering the bad news.

Maybe the creator made this thing late at night while juggling a colicky baby in the other arm and it’s kind of lucky that the builds didn’t break when it got checked in.

Maybe the creator did everything right — followed the spec, coordinated with teammates, asked clarifying questions, got a peer to review their work — and then the API didn’t work as promised, the spec changed, Congress rescheduled Daylight Saving…

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