Links for your Bug Safari

Everything I know about testing is at least inspired by, if not learned entirely from, other people. So here’s an introduction to the ones that have stuck with me on the journey. (This was originally written to complement a talk I gave at CocoaConf, but should stand on its own, I hope.)

General Learning

Explore It! by Elisabeth Hendrickson Exploratory Testing might simplistically be described as the opposite of Scripted Testing. (Scripted in the sense of a play more than an interpreted programming language.) But that doesn’t mean Exploratory Testing is random or haphazard. Elisabeth offers a book full of strategies, patterns, algorithms, for assessing the quality of software and finding the bugs that lurk within.

Black Box Software Testing online classes about software testing, with videos by Cem Kaner. (Videos are also available for self-paced learning.)

CAST (organized by the Association for Software Testing) A testing conference held each summer in a different city with a high emphasis on debating the ideas presented.

Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference An academic sort of conference about testing, held in Portland, OR each fall.

Specific Ideas for Finding Bugs

Chaos Monkey by Netflix If you’re worried about how your system will respond when a piece breaks down at 3am, break it on purpose when it’s more convenient.

Session-Based Testing Ideas for structuring testing time.

Pairwise Testing Selecting a valuable subset of all possible combinations to test.

Falsehoods programmers believe about Time

Gay marriage: the database engineering perspective

Assumptions: Yes, women can be doctors!

Lightweight Automation

Fake Name Generator

Everyday Scripting with Ruby I’m not particularly advocating for Ruby — I‘d like to use Swift instead — but this book does a good idea of showing how a little bit of code can save someone a lot of time extracting valuable needles of information from haystacks of log files, source control history, and the like.

Too Much Automation? An academic paper about the tradeoffs of manual vs. automated testing.

Assorted Handy Things

List of iOS Devices

My advice about capturing screenshots for bug reports

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