La buena crítica cultural

Quizá Albert Murray dio con una fórmula más que acertada: un equilibrio entre ofrecer el contexto necesario para entender las intenciones estéticas, más una explicación de los medios utilizados, más una evaluación de los resultados. El crítico como mediador entre la obra y el público no iniciado:

Perhaps the very first function of criticism is to mediate between the work of art and the uninitiated reader, viewer, or listener. As mediator, the critic decodes and explains the elements of the game of stylization and makes the aesthetic statement more accessible. Then, having indicated what is being stylized and how it is being stylized, the critic may also give a ‘professional observers’ opinion as to how effectively it has been stylized and perhaps to what personal and social end. In doing all of this, criticism proceeds in terms of taste, which is to say a highly or specially developed sense of the optimum proportion of the basic elements involved and of the relative suitability of the processing.