Automatically Track Your Time and Produce Detailed Productivity Reports with Qbserve

Automatic Time Tracking for Mac Users

If you use a Mac and work from home, and have been looking for a way to track your time, generate invoices and get feedback on your productivity, the Qbserve may be for you. I’ll provide more information about it in this post.

What does Qbserve do?

Freelancers who use Macs can do the following things with Qbserve:

  • Analyze their productivity automatically for over 7,500 sites, apps and games.
  • Track projects based on open web pages, documents and window titles.
  • Log Slack teams, Skype chats and YouTube videos individually.
  • Produce detailed productivity reports for days, weeks and months.
  • Create time sheets with activity summaries and history for each hour.
  • Create invoices and export the data to JSON and CSV format.

Is my information kept private?

Yes, all the data that Qbserve tracks is stored on your Mac and never sent anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing it that shouldn’t. You can also ignore private browser tabs or pause tracking if you choose to.

How much does Qbserve cost?

There’s just a one-time charge of $40 for Qbserve, and you can try it free for 10 days before you pay that.

Sounds great, how do I find out more?

Just go to this website to find out more about Qbserve and download it:

If you’re interested in getting Qbserve for a reduced price, email Ivan at and mention this review, and give you a discount on Qbserve.