Conversations with Myself, Part 4

A Conversation With My 29 Year-Old Self

This conversation is me talking with myself at 29. By 29, I had lost the teaching job I got at 24, plus worked a few other jobs and tried a few other things. Then I started looking into work from home jobs and found my first one with West Telemarketing. At that time they hired independent contractors, and I didn’t know the first thing about setting aside money for taxes, etc. I’ve learned since then of course, but at 29 I didn’t know anything about it.

Me: Hi, how’s it going?

29 year old me: I can’t believe everything that’s happened in the past few years. Just like you said, that teaching job didn’t last. I ended up being let go the day before my birthday. Perfect timing right?

Me: No, that’s horrible timing. But it was probably a blessing disguise right?

29 year old me: You bet it was. The principal told me my last day would be on my birthday, but when I told Kevin that he told me to go in and leave my lesson plans and just quit, and go with him to Michigan that weekend. I was hesitant to do it, but I’m glad I did. I deserved to be happy on my birthday, especially since it was the first birthday I was spending with him.

Me: Yeah, you do. So what happened after you quit working at that school?

29 year old me: I had a few other jobs — I worked at Cingular Wireless, which is now AT&T, and I also decided to go to school to become a paralegal — I did great in the course but I couldn’t find a job.

Me: Yeah that’s typical. So what are you doing now?

29 year old me: Oh you’ll never believe it, I found a job that I can do from home!

Me: That’s great! What are you doing?

29 year old me: I’m taking calls for a company that takes calls for all sorts of different products and services. I’ve taken calls for HSN, and different infomercials and Pizza Hut. And I really like it because I there’s no taxes taken out of what I make.

Me: Yeah be careful with that, I remember working for West Telemarketing, If you don’t set aside money to pay taxes next year you’re going to get slammed hard.

29 year old me: Oh I’m sure I’ll be fine, since I’m working from home I can write off all my office equipment and even what I pay for phone bills and part of my electric bill.

Me: Alright, whatever you say. I’ll check in with you again in a few years to see how it’s going, okay?

29 year old me: Okay, sounds good.

Me: Good luck!

29 year old me: Thanks!

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