Create a Daily Writing Habit with Beeminder and Draft

As a writer, one of the hardest things in the world for me is to sit down and actually write. I know I should already have a writing habit, especially after participating in Shaunta Grimes 30 day Medium challenge. But as you can see, life got in the way as I started focusing more on getting ready to move into my house. I’m happy to say that I’m in now. I’m still getting things set up, but I’m at least moved in enough that I can get back to writing and working on the other goals I’m currently working on, which include getting my business website up and running. So I’m back to trying to make myself write every day at least a little bit, whether it’s here on Medium, on my websites, or for freelance writing work, and I found two websites that I think will help keep me motivated to write every day: Beeminder and Draft.

What is Beeminder?

Beeminder is an app and website that you can use to track and improve all sorts of habits, not just weight loss or nutrition-related habits. Some of the habits you can track with Beeminder include:
- the number of steps you take in a day.
- amount of time you spend on certain Web sites. 
- how many items you complete on your to do list. 
- how many words you write in a day.

This is not a complete list, there are many other goals you can track — visit the Beeminder web page to get more information:

What is Draft?

Draft is one of the best writing websites I’ve found yet. It allows people to write drafts of articles or blog posts they want to publish on their private web pages, or as articles on other websites. You can add formatting such as bold, italics, headers, URls, and to-do list items. It also has a Hemingway mode, where you have to have to write continuously without editing. If you try to go back and edit, you won’t be able to until you turn Hemingway mode off. You can also share your drafts with others that you want help edit your document. To find out more about Draft, check out their website:

How do the two work together?

Draft is one of the websites that integrates with Beeminder. One of the choices Beeminder gives you as a suggestion for a goal you can set is tracking the number of words you write in a day using Draft. You can track your progress in Beeminder using the Goals page.

I highly recommend both of these websites to anyone who’s trying to form a writing habit. If you want to track your progress from anywhere, Beeminder even has a mobile app you can download. I highly recommend this combination, and I highly recommend Beeminder for anyone wanting to track their progress on building any habit.

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