How Musicians and Music Lovers Can Use the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot

A few days ago I talked about how writers can use the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot to be more productive. But what if you’re a music lover, or want to learn how to play an instrument? In this article I’ll provide some information on ways music lovers and music students can use the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot

Listen to Music

Of course the most obvious way music lovers can use the Echo or Echo Dot is to listen to music. You can listen to any of Amazon’s playlists and albums, or you can listen to music on services like Spotify and Pandora Radio. You can also ask the Echo device to play songs by a certain artist, or of a certain type, such as classical, rock, classic rock, piano music, classical piano music, etc. If you have music on your Bluetooth-compatible phone or computer, you can also pair it with the Echo or Echo Dot so you can listen to the music on your phone or computer. Just follow these instructions.

Learn to Play an Instrument

Alexa has several skills that will help you learn to play or improve if you’ve already started learning to play an instrument. The Music Teacher skill walks people through the basics of learning to play piano, from correct hand positioning, to learning different notes, to learning to play basic songs, such as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” “Old McDonald Had a Farm,” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” In the final level, students will be able to play a duet with Alexa.

For students who are already studying with a music teacher but want to hear what different notes sound like, the Music Maker skill will play different notes. Just ask Alexa to open Music Maker, and then give her a note or series of notes to play. If you need to hear the note or series of notes again, just ask her to replay it.

If you want to test your knowledge of how certain notes sound, Alexa has a skill called Music Note Quiz. Music Note Quiz plays a tone on the piano, and then you’re asked to identify it. At this time, only one octave is supported, possible answers range from 4C to 4Aflat.

These are just a few of the ways that music lovers and students can use the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, there are many others — if you’ve used the Echo or Echo Dot for anything music related, please feel free to share your experiences.

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