People don’t understand that I'm stuttering.

I have a stutter, but it doesn't always happen. Every since I was little I have had a stutter. Not really sure how it was when I was young. But, my parents say that it was a lot worse then it is now. I stutter once and while but I don’t like to get my hopes up because it always pops up again. It comes in patches almost. There are studies that say stuttering is linked with stress. So, I probably stress out once and a while.

I stutter in a way that people are not used to. I sometimes cannot say a word or a certain sound in a word. The way I can get through it is for me to just stop, restart, and take a deep breath as I say the sound or word. I am very lucky because my case is not at all as bad as some others.

How my stutter effects my life:

I am only in high school, so I am in a few after school activities. One of which is the speech team. If you don’t know how speech teams work then let me give a brief summary. It is basically like track and field. There are different events and we have a few different people in each category or event. They range from things like Informative to Humorous Interpretation. Anyway, we have to perform our speeches in front of a judge and the other people we are competing with. I guess you could consider it public speaking. I perform my speech from memory. Remember how I said that stutter is said to be link with stress? Well, combining having to speak in public while making sure I do it good enough to beat out my competition is pretty stressful. Especially, when I know I have a stutter. It is almost like it gets inside my head and I can’t get it out. “You’re going to stutter, you’re not going to stutter you got this, you have no controller over this you are definitely going to stutter.” This is what is going through my head before I perform. When I stutter while performing (which happens on a regular basis) most of the judges think I just forgot my speech because I am not saying anything. This is only one way that it effects my life.

Another way stuttering effects my life. Is just feeling awkward in everyday situation. Most of my close friends know that I have a stutter so they understand. Thankfully I have wonderful friends and somehow they have enough patients to wait for my to say what I need to say. However, people that I do not talk to on a daily basis don’t understand. I will be talking then have one of my “blocks” and not being able to say a sound. I even stutter on my name. I’ll say “Hi, it’s nice to meet you, my name is ………………..Eric.” Then the person I am meeting will say something like “what did you forget your name or something?” I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I will forget my name until maybe when I am a little bit older. Anyway, it is pretty annoying and awkward anytime I stutter.

Anyway, moral of the story is I would like to see more people beware of the different types of stuttering. And for the love of God, stop saying “Tuh-tuh-today junior.”

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