Five Reasons Why Derrick Rose Should Settle His Sexual Assault Lawsuit
Daniel Werly

Would say $8 million settle such a suit? If so, why hasn’t Rose’s team of advisers push him in such a direction? Also, it’s a bit eerie that non of his sponsors to date decided against keeping him. Rose instead has chosen to get the “victim’s” identity made public. Once could say, that’s dirty pool because there’s only one logical reason why Rose’s attorneys would do that. To simply slut-shame the woman. All that said, whether the woman is “The Virgin Mary” or even “Rahab the harlot” or worse, she still has to give consent. I am amazed that because some didn’t get a “No”, they believe that “Yes” was inferred. So that means highly intoxicated women can’t be raped according to that logic as they may not be able to say “No”.

I’m not judging Rose. One may think a more enlightened individual would have tried to make this go away quietly though. But then again, it Rose and he thinks he’s “super.”

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