Upgrading Kubernetes client-go from v4 to v5
Andy Goldstein

Andy, thx for your great contributions to the Go & K8s communities. Every line of this fantastic article feels like “ouch, I feel with you”.

Now, I´m sure things are continuing to improve. In the meantime, may be you can answer a question which I´m still struggling with. How to find out which imports to use? Especially for the API/ Meta packages, I´m very often lost which package to use (import), and why.

“k8s.io/apimachinery/pkg/apis/meta/v1” && “k8s.io/client-go/pkg/api/v1”

guru (“implements”) usually is my friend, especially during client-go major release upgrades. How do you approach the API packages to understand which functions and arguments (types) to use? Things are changing so quickly, that it´s hard to track.

May be I just don´t get it and there is an easy way to approach client-go and the APIs?

Thx for any hints from an expert ;)