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Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, was born in Wichita Falls. He enjoys hunting and sports and spends time with his wife of 36 years. Abbott was partially paralyzed after an accident while jogging.

Abbott has one daughter who is in college. He is a Roman Catholic and also very conservative.

He received his bachelor’s of science in Finance from The University of Texas, as well as his Juris Doctorate from Vanderbilt. It was soon after he graduated from Vanderbilt that he was involved in the jogging accident that paralyzed him.

Abbott was the longest-serving Texas attorney general before entering the office of governor. He has also served as a justice on the Texas Supreme Court, as well as a judge in a Texas State District court.

Much of Abbott’s work experience is also somewhat political, having served as the Texas AG and becoming nationally known for defending the rights of Texan citizens.

One of the most recent major issues Abbott has had to deal with is Hurricane Harvey and its effect on much of the Gulf Coast of Texas, including Houston. He has also focused on lowering taxes, improving education, improving roadways and transportation, and fought to defend Texans’ constitutional rights. Because of his efforts, the Texan economy is listed as 10th internationally.

Governor Abbott has worked hard to secure the Texas border with Mexico. He has also banned sanctuary cities in Texas, preventing any city from harboring illegal immigrants.

He has also supported a police protection act, which places steep charges upon attacking a police officer. The act also places an attack on a police officer because of his uniform as a hate crime.

Abbott is also pro-life and has worked to make abortion more difficult to access. He has also banned the trade and selling of unborn children on the market and fought to protect the sanctity of life.

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