Promoted Tweets

Twitter. The most interesting thing happened unlike facebook which is just commercial with all junk on the wall. Facebook is a pure advertisement platform.

All is not well but only problems

You follow someone. You see what they tweet. There is something called Promoted Tweets which violate this principle. The frequency of the promoted tweets on a 4.5inch screen is obviously causing problems for the user in experiencing twitter. Is it my timeline or an ad bomb? OMG, definitely power users will switch to Tweetbot etc., And if they put too many restrictions for the developers, Twitter will die.


Twitter polls is an interesting thing. People can get interactive with it than useless and irrelevant ads.

Bring periscope feeds in twitter

Like tagging people in photos, bring the periscope videos into the relevant tweets so that people get used to it.

Shopping from twitter

Find some ways to shop in twitter. It started but have few product pages. Instead, some shopping experience should be better


Certainly not a great feature. But lives within twitter like twitter lives in internet

Jelly. And many can be done

Jelly was actually a great idea. But Twitter should find some sorts like that.

Twitter should think some other ways to monetize than just trying the useless promoted tweets. It just hampers the existing user’s experience and they will run away from twitter soon, if this continues.

Twitter’s strategy right now to make money is with ads. But sadly, it pushes them in a deadlock where you need users to show ads and if ads are shown, users don’t like. If twitter doesn’t have something innovative in mind, it will be a braindead human but live.

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