We’re coming back home

Sep 4, 2019 · 2 min read

Dear Embarc Family,

We’re coming back home.

We started in Englewood at Harper High 10 years ago. Though Harper and four other neighboring schools in the community are closing, a new school is opening in its place: Englewood STEM High School, where every single student gets Embarc.

Through our partnership with CPS and IMC, every student and teacher in the school will learn beyond the classroom once a month. In just this first year, Englewood STEM will provide 3,600 learning experiences for its 450 inaugural freshman students. Eventually, the school will provide more than 11,200 experiences for its full population of 1,400 students. These students will immerse themselves in experiences across Chicago, from making meals with local leading chefs to building model cars with engineers, and imagining the limitless possibilities in their futures. Through these journeys, Chicago becomes their classroom.

Englewood STEM is the first of many schools that we’ll help go fully experiential. Access to experiential learning is one of the most requested needs by principals across our city, and together with CPS, the Mayor’s office and all of you, we’re working to meet this demand.

Though we’ve grown across Chicago over the last 10 years, Embarc is starting this next phase by coming home. Right here in Englewood, we’re working to make Chicago the most experiential and connected education system in the world. And it all starts at home.

In addition to our partners in CPS and IMC, we certainly couldn’t do this without all of you. It took a lot of work and support to reach this milestone. Thank you.

With gratitude and hope for what’s to come for all of us,

Imran Khan

Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer, Embarc

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Embarc is a non-profit organization fighting to break the cycles of poverty by providing innovative cultural experiences to high school students from Chicago’s

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