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I’m more than just my title.

Says Sarabeth Berk, PhD. founder of More Than Just My Title.

According to Sarabeth Berk, I’m a ….


Hybrids blend multiple professional identities together, defying traditional job titles.

-and that’s why they’re so darn successful. -Sarabeth Berk, PhD

Last week at #DenverStartupWeek (now the largest, free startup week in the world for budding entrepreneurs such as myself — whoop whoop Denver!), I attended Sarabeth’s session for kaleidoscope professionals such as myself.

Fish leading fish

I’ve been practicing consciousness for a few years now — helpful synonyms include awareness, mindfulness, being present.

I’m not talking spirituality here — although you can certainly take it there. I’m talking mental strength and fortitude. To me, being conscious means owning your own mind — taking control of anxiety, stress, and unhelpful thoughts.

A huge breakthrough happened for me when I realized: (1) I have long suffered from racing thoughts; and (2) I don’t have to participate in them anymore. I can let those thoughts race right on by without having to get into the car.

I love this analogy for meditation — it’s NOT stopping thoughts. Also a good app for getting started on your consciousness journey

This was profound for me and I’ve been practicing consciousness ever since. Being conscious is a life-long endeavor…

Elizabeth Baskett

Founder, Baskett

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