“Mademoiselle avec Minou — A Paris Impression” ©2021 Steve Ember

…from a (dessert loving) photographer’s notebook

Zut alors! — the useful factoids one can pick up from Facebook friends! …

“A Telephone Booth Grows in the Winter Garden” ©2021 Steve Ember

…and how a photo of it led to a curmudgeonly cautionary tale, set in a telephone booth-less future, with ‘Ma Bell’ exacting an appropriate revenge.

I admit to being bemused at the phenomenon of pedestrians hurrying down sidewalks, or crossing busy streets, or waiting on Subway platforms, their gaze glued…

“Lost in the Maze — A Williamsburg Bridge Impression” ©2021 Steve Ember

…from a photographer’s notebook

Funny, how posting a Friday Flashback to one’s Facebook page can so easily fire up the memory machine and lead one down that rabbit hole of cables and hard drives into the “Land of Lab-Scans-Almost-Forgotten.”

It was a perfect early summer afternoon on the 24th of…

“Sails and Sweethearts on a Schooner — A Chesapeake Bay Moment” ©2021 Steve Ember

…from a photographer’s notebook

OK, go ahead and call me a hopeless romantic, but I love this photo.

Surprisingly, perhaps, as I’ve never been a selfie kinda guy (might have something to do with the fact I have not as yet succumbed to the allure of ye smart-type phone).


“Once Upon a Time Under Times Square” ©2021 Steve Ember

…from a photographer’s notebook (and a Subway geek’s memoirs)

OK, so I would have failed Mrs. Scott’s high school Latin class…

And be turned down as a seminarian (were I of that persuasion) for that impertinent bastardization of a Latin phrase centuries rich in Papal connotation.

But, dang, I’m going…

Discophile Wookie spins up some Petula Clark sides ©2021 Steve Ember

I’ve heard of cats having a sixth sense about when a trip to the vet is imminent, whether for a medical visit or for boarding when their humans are about to depart on a trip, and disappearing.

Supposedly, they can smell something in us that tips ’em off.

I recall…

A ‘Heap’ of Happy by the Harbor ©2021 Steve Ember

…on not being too hasty with that ‘Delete’ button, from a photographer’s notebook

I make no claims for this photo being one of my best technically, but I do love the moment.

A visit to my hometown of Baltimore Saturday with my cousin Eric…mainly for shooting maritime and industrial…

A CSX freight train blasts out of the Howard Street tunnel and rumbles through the train shed of Baltimore’s Mount Royal Station, where once stopped such Baltimore & Ohio Railroad flagship trains as the Royal Blue to New York and the Capitol Limited, bound for Chicago via Washington. Photo ©2017 Steve Ember

…from a photographer’s notebook

The photo was taken in late afternoon in March 2017 in the cavernous train shed of Baltimore’s iconic Mount Royal Station, built in 1896 by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad to provide a midtown point of departure for its passenger trains to New York, Washington, and…

“Westbound B&O at Harpers Ferry— Early ‘60s” ©2021 Steve Ember [Click for best definition]

…from a photographer’s notebook

I’m not always glad to have as many miles on the odometer when, for example, I scrunch down beside a tripod and a knee joint reminds me it’s not as supple as it once was…

Ah, but it all goes away (well, kinda) when I turn…

“East Channel, Canton — A Baltimore Harborscape” ©2021 Steve Ember [Please click for best detail]

…from a photographer’s notebook

It is always a source of enjoyment when I can return to my hometown of Baltimore to enjoy a few hours of photography along the city’s bustling harbor.

Whether stationed downstream of the repeating graphic patterns of gantries at the sprawling Seagirt Marine Terminal, to capture…

Steve Ember

I am a photographer (film + digital), voice actor, and writer. You can sample my work at http://SteveEmber.com or https://500px.com/steveember

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