Hot and Cold Running Beer?

Bikes and Bier Baron — A ‘Hoppy’ Washington Moment in Blue and White ©Steve Ember

A doctor’s appointment had me in the West End of Washington in late afternoon on this steamy summer day. Normally, not my favorite conditions for scrambling about with cameras, but there were towering puffy cumulus formations against a blue sky and I thought I’d also do some shots of Rock Creek under the P St Bridge before jumping back into rush hour traffic for the slog back into northern Virginia.

On the way back to the parking garage, I stopped along 22nd St NW, attracted by the sight of blue bikes and inviting blue canopy in the brilliant sunshine.

But the wording on that canopy really stoked my imagination — perhaps aided by what those “feels-like” temps of around 100 degrees might have been doing to my gray matter after about an hour into it.

Bier Baron Hotel and Tavern?

Would one assume warm and cold running beer in every guest room? Beer showers for full-bodied thick lovely hair?

But as to the tavern part of the equation…

Stepping out of the steam-bath into an inviting cool and dark oasis with rich fragrances of hoppy libations floating upon the air-conditioned breeze was tempting, but so were the possibilities for doing some more shooting in that brilliant late afternoon sun.

On returning later to my nicely air conditioned cave, I naturally had to investigate further.

Turns out, despite the slightly misleading wording on that canopy, the hotel is simply the Hotel Baron. So, I will — for now — assume that the only liquid pouring forth from the guest rooms’ spigots is…water.

But the tavern part is devoted to a large assortment of biere and is also home to a comedy cabaret.

So, in the words of Ahh-nold, whose native language would spell beer as in the photo, “I’ll be back.”

Prost, y’all.

©2018 Steve Ember

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