ICOs have been vilified as being scams altogether! Although many ICOs have been scammed and failed miserably, their sudden appearance showed one thing: people are desperate to invest outside of a regulated environment that has not only banned risk but yield likewise!

A short letter to climate alarmists

Particularly the #Left is highly focused on #Sustainability. I do honor their commitment but also dare ask the following question:

Why are you not addressing the biggest elephant in the room?

The (Un-)sustainability of our financial system today!

I hear you object: „We do criticize banks, corporations, and capitalists for not caring enough about your environment! We do address the elephant…“


Let me tell you why: Hating on bankers, managers, and capitalists in general won’t get you anywhere.

Don’t hate the players, hate the game!

It’s the game we all have…

Blockchain usher in a new paradigma when it comes to voice and exit, which is the power of forking. At the same time, they are all about permissionless innovation, which is the heart of an open system that is going to win over closed systems anytime.


Tokenization, and helping bank the unbanked are major objectives within the crypto and blockchain space. There’s no denying the good side of this, however, it’s not all roses. Interestingly enough, these endeavors run the danger of accentuating our monetary status quo. Even some sort of monetary colonialism could unfold before our very eyes!

The crypto phenomenon is of global magnitude. Public blockchain networks such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are not controlled by any state or company. They connect people from different contexts across national borders. Yet despite this high degree of decentralization and the primacy of the digital, the new crypto world needs points of contact with the physical world. In other words, even the blockchain needs a home, ideally in a decentralized government.

Johann Schneider-Ammann, a former member of the Swiss Federal Council, extended an invitation to the crypto world by announcing “Crypto Nation Switzerland” at the beginning of 2018. He called…

Digitization seems to be on everyone’s lips nowadays, be it at the regulars’ table (or, as Americans might say, “down at the pub”), on late night talk shows, in university lecture halls, or in the op-ed section of newspapers. For some, the current digital revolution portends the greatest upheaval in the history of mankind. In this camp is German and public intellectual Richard David Precht. …

Learn about the importance of the career capital theory, why you won’t beat the swaths of dumb money sloshing around in the crypto world as well as why the history of Bitcoin and the bicycle have a striking similarity.

Time is running, while being patient wins you time in the long run

I am currently finishing up my book on Bitcoin, Blockchain and crypto assets — finally! Although I love writing, authoring a book is no easy task. Of all the skills you have to master, one that might not seem as obvious is the most important of all: exercising patience.

Writing a book means putting off gratification, reward, and acknowledgment until an…

Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin has seen its price cut in half and beyond. Other crypto assets have fallen even more. Although the king of the crypto world has rebelled from time to time over recent months, Bitcoin’s occasional price increases have always been met with follow-up downturns.

The crypto market is still mainly populated by private investors. Institutional investors, especially Wall Street, are not invested, apart from a few hedge funds. …

The publication of the Bitcoin white paper immediately after the outbreak of the global financial crisis in 2008 is hardly a mere coincidence. The financial collapse especially touched on one crucial question: Money talks, but who talks money if you will? According to Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym behind Bitcoin, it’s the world’s central and commercial banks which rule over our money.

As a careful analysis of the matter indicates, Nakamoto does not seem to be wrong with his assertion. Starting with the industrial revolution, the constantly growing intertwining between what we would call the unholy triumvirate consisting of industry, state…

Bitcoin’s origin can be traced back to September 15, 2008. This is the day the investment bank Lehman Brothers announced its bankruptcy and the financial crisis reached its peak. With the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers a ripple effect set in, several other banks had to be saved by their patrons, the states. These bail-outs wreaked havoc on the debt of many countries, which is why central banks initiated their massive government bond purchase programs. …

Pascal Hügli

Twitter: @pahueg

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