Print Your Tagline On The Tee

Whether the purpose is promotional or making an individual fashion statement, customised vinyl printed tees are on the rise among people in Australia.

T-shirts are a kind of fashionable clothing loved by all. They are enjoyed across the world mainly for their comfort. T-shirts are famous for their designs and quotes also. The best thing about them is that today, their designs can even be customised according to one’s exclusive needs.

However, if you are just starting to plan your t-shirt customisation, starting with the heat transfer printing is the best option. It is a process of printing various designs on a substrate using heat. It includes dye sublimation, vinyl and plastisol transfer, ink jet transfer for cotton, etc. The printing method best suits tees of sports team, stag party, promotional events, dance group and more.

Custom printed heat transfers are an evidence that today’s fashion world is not limited to the manufacturer but can also be customised according to individual preferences. It allows people to create unique designs on their own. From among the different materials used for custom heat transfers, vinyl is the most popular way of achieving personalised designs . The main reasons behind its popularity are that it’s polymer based and translucent.

The Process of Dye Sublimation — In this process, vinyl sheet is cut into the required shapes and then placed on the dye sublimation printer. The image which comes out from the printer is opened on a computer and flipped horizontally. It is then embossed on the vinyl using the dye sublimation printer. Once the image has been imprinted on the vinyl, it is now ready to be used on the garment. The design is embossed on the t-shirt with the help of a hot pressing iron. The tee must be pressed at first to remove moisture and wrinkles. As the logos or the designs are translucent, the colours appear at their best. This type of customised print makes your t-shirts more engaging and attractive.

This option of printing is quite affordable than other methods. The prints that are made on the tees are durable and long lasting. But remember, whenever you wash your tees, make sure that you do not rinse the design. This can bring down the longevity of the prints.

Before you print a customised tee, make sure that you plan your budget and sign up with the best printing company in Queensland. It is better that you choose the tees that are offered by the printing company. This will also speed up the process.

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