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For a reason largerly known, James Cameron voiced his opinion. The reason is: he has one. You make it seem like voicing his opinion was wrong on his part. Why?

I, for one, happen to share the opinion of James Cameron. The movie had me rolling my eyes every five minutes, thinking stuff like “what a stupid way to move the story forward” “Of course! Another Deux ex Machina” “Look, another generic action scene”. While my main concern was with the way the story was told, Cameron is right to point the visual problems the movie has.

No one wants to see the death of Star Wars? A lot of people want to see it, I think. Some because they don’t like Star Wars, and most because they understand the damage franchises are doing to the industry. As you said “Hollywood will continue milking these franchises until they no longer attract fans and the money that comes along with them.” The franchise should have ended a long time ago. Now it’s just some poor beast, that Hollywood will indeed milk until everyone gets tired and no one cares.

Whatever Star Wars was or meant, it is no more. And all the people with the talent to make the next Star Wars kinda movie is instead kept busy repeating a formula again and again.

P.D. Why you think “rifts” and “hostile environments” in fan bases are an actual thing that exists and we should worry about is beyond me.

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