calling CBS “wise” seems a bit … wrong
Area Sports Athlete

CBS, above anything else, is a business. And businesses exist to create revenue. I think where the author says CBS is “wise” is more pointing out how CBS is effective at putting out a product that pulls in the most viewers, while seemingly doing it with as little effort as possible. Perhaps “wise” is the wrong adjective here; I would say “shrewd” fits better.

On that same thought, you really can’t blame CBS for their low quality programming: it only exists if people actually show up and watch. If people don’t tune in for their recycled jokes (TBBT, Broke Girls) or recycled premises (pretty much every one of their new shows), then they would have to look for new ideas to elevate viewership. The fact that many of their long-running shows are still top 20 draws is really more of an indictment of American TV viewers in general, because CBS is just giving them what they want.

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