Trump Lawyer’s Conversation Becomes Accidental Scoop

Kenneth Vogel of the New York Times reported on an “accidental scoop.” last week after attorneys for President Donald Trump indiscreetly discussed his legal affairs at a Washington restaurant.

Vogel went to lunch with a source at BLT Steakand sat adjacent to Ty Cobb. Mr. Cobb is a lawyer who had been retained by the White House to help coordinate a response to the investigation of Russia’s ties with Trump. He was accompanied by John Dowd, Trump’s outside attorney for the Russia investigation.

Mr. Cobb discussed White House lawyer he believed to be a spy for McGahn, the current White House Counsel. He also suggested Mr. McGahn has documents that are locked in a safe that he possibly wanted to access. Another colleague was mentioned and accused by Cobb for “some of these earlier leaks,” as well as trying to “push Jared [Kushner] out.” Kushner is a senior adviser, who has been a previous cause of debate for the legal team.

Ty Cobb (right) discussing sensitive information with John Dowd over lunch at BLT Steak.

Vogel, shocked that they were discussing the Russia investigations in such a public place, managed to snap a photo of the two. Cobb and Dowd spoke about Trump’s strategy and response Robert S. Mueller III and other congressional committees investigating the administration.

A toxic relationship Cobb’s relationship with McGahn took a sharp hit when the Times published details of the not-so-private conversation.

Cobb has aimed to fix the situation by praising Mr. McGahn, but also recognized that they’re approaching the response to the investigation in different ways.