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Nutrition and exercise

There is a lot of misinformation out there about nutrition but very little in the way of giving people a road map so that clients will not revert to old habits.

Almost any diet works if you can stick to it when times get tough and it meets your goals. But there are a few differences that could affect which diet you choose.

· If your goal is “weight loss” then using any diet that gets you in a caloric deficit will do.

· If your goal is to maintain muscle while focusing on fat loss you will need enough overall protein regardless of diet.

· If your goal is to perform well and recover from high intensity exercise, weight training then you will need a moderate to high amount of carbs or enough overall calories if you are doing low carb high fat formula.

· Food quality still matter but you can still lose weight or fat by occasionally eating and drinking processed foods.

· You and me have not likely GAINED weight just by sugar alone.

· Nutrition is more important than exercise for trying to lose weight/fat, maintain weight or gain muscle.


Just because the exercise is fun does NOT mean it will meet your goals for fat loss, or building muscle. The appropriate diet is probably the most important part of this.

If goal is fat loss:


· Weight training, crossfit/Hiit/Traditional cardio (can be combined or just alone with the proper eating habits).

· Can be well suited for beginners, intermediate, and advanced but must be monitored for continued effectiveness over a long period of time.


· Cardio only (running, rowing, biking)

· Dance classes (zumba, cardio kick boxing etc…)

· Can be used in combination with the primary standard for fun or extra calorie burn effect. Your body will adapt after a few weeks and it will become less effective as you go from beginner to being well trained.

Motivation is a good start but…

Motivation is what gets us started and excited in the beginning. It is not as useful over a long period of time, but is needed as a restart or spark from time to time. So, what comes after motivation?

· Knowing your WHY is a powerful tool that makes the story about you that will drive you to greatness.

· Inspiration: This is the best kind of comparison that allows you to see yourself in someone else’s situation that propels you to action. “If they can do it, then I can too”


Self-awareness is defined as partly knowledge about the self: strengths and weaknesses, vulnerabilities and passions, idiosyncrasies and normalness.

· Asking tough questions about myself to ultimately make a change that I would like to make, and being okay with the failure that goes along with that process.

· Holding myself accountable.

· Striving to understand myself and others.

· Embracing meditation in my own way.

· Not seeking happiness, but flowing with the state of emotions that arises each day and dealing with it accordingly.

Consistency is the key to all progress in every aspect of life.

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