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Mr. Pyke — were you there? Did you see the degree of aggression Mr. Heyman demonstrated? Are you passing judgement on the Trump administration or Mr. Price, because the West Virginia State Police determined that Mr. Heyman was out of line? Is there any limit, in your world, to reporters’ “right” to “do their job” as relates aggression and disturbance? sWere the “demonstrators” at Berkeley also “reporters?” In that vein, would it be just fine for reporters to use OC spray in the execution of their jobs (as some did in Berkeley), you know, to ensure they got the attention of the intended “interviewee?”

You co-mingle the incident between Corey Lewandowski and former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields with the arrest of Mr. Heyman. The only two common threads are they both have something to do with someone associated with working to discredit Mr. Trump, and they both involve a reporter. Above I co-mingle Mr. Heyman’s action with images of recent rioting by leftist anarchists in Berkeley. Neither is valid. Both seek to create an emotional response. And neither is the least intellectually honest.

A rant about the horrors of the demise of Obamacare that does not mention the failing nature of that clever scheme — admitted by its architect as having been fundamentally based on lies— is just that. It’s a partisan rant about the demise of Obamacare. It may play well with those who already wear the tin foil hats and search for proof of a Russian/Comey/Assange/Wikileaks/misogynist/racist/homophobe/xenophobe/(and whoever else qualifies as “deplorables” this week) “vast right wing conspiracy” under their beds each night. But anyone with a reasonable examination of your article will not buy it. Not even on a government-subsidized, wildly expensive, poorly-executed, web-facing, exchange with horrible PII and PHI security.

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