Benefits of Maintaining Own Personal Health Record

Nowadays, a Personal Health Record is the most effective system to deal with treatment. PHR is the system that contains the health information which is maintained by the patient. Basically, this PHR system is a complete online health record that contains the medical history with the procedures, medication, immunization and allergies. It helps to maintain comprehensive information of health for managing better health.

Consumers with serious chronic diseases, disabilities, or multiple health problems may experience direct and immediate benefits from PHRs, motivating continued use. Some data indicate that consumers might be willing to pay US$1.80 to US$4.50 per month for PHR support.

This system allowed the patient to take the actively participation in their own healthcare. Monitoring own health helps to get the better result. Various medical organization and institute have started to alert their patient about their condition and also includes them in making decision for their own health. There are some factors to explain why patient should create their own PHR and monitor their health:

Reduce Extra Cost

The duplicate procedure is the biggest source of wasteful spending. PHR provides physicians with the information for prescribing required tests ultimately reducing cost.

Provide Health Info

This provides information for all kind of health records like blood group, past treatments and vaccination which helps the healthcare provider to deliver quick and efficient treatment. PHR is the best sources of providing health detail of patients in case of emergencies, travelling or during visiting a doctor.

Ensuring Accuracy

While maintaining the health record it is necessary to be assured that the information contained in the health record is exact, inclusive and updated. Health record of patient is dispersed and transfer among various health organization and physicians through paper or EHR based record system, of course with restricted accessibility. In emergency, PHR enables the patient and healthcare provider to get quick information of ongoing treatment, surgeries, hospitalization, medication and drugs details and allergies and also provide contact information to intimate family.

Improve Control

For maintaining control in health record, it is necessary to regularly monitor and update PHR. This is used most to assist and make decision related to treatment, cost of treatment, healthy lifestyle choices, monitoring the accuracy, preventive action and security of their health information. Check this also Electronic Health Record — Best for Medical Organizations.

Besides this, with PHR individual can share their health information with different physician and medical organization. It easily share and maintain the record by using online resources. This system is also customized according to the requirement of an individual’s condition and allows them to personalize information accurately, securely and quickly for receiving the efficient care and treatment by their healthcare.