Hiring deaf employees can be incredible for your business

E. Gold
3 min readFeb 3, 2018


What most employers do not yet understand is that deaf and hard of hearing people are working in almost any field one can imagine, and they can become invaluable assets to the businesses as well as contributing a great deal to companies’ successes and achievements.

If businesses choose to take advantage of the diverse workforce by offering various employment opportunities to deaf and hard of hearing job seekers, organizations can reap benefits from hiring them. Although, not all deaf and hard of hearing individuals qualify for most of the positions they apply for in a company. However, most employers close their minds to the ones who are talented and experienced because of one single factor; “deaf.”

Well, I will like to share some of the reasons why I believe working with and hiring deaf and hard of hearing employees can be excellent for your business. The work ethic, as well as experience that they can bring to the workplace, might just be what you need to get your company to the next level.

Top three reasons why you should hire deaf employees

Thousands of highly educated and qualified deaf and hard of hearing individuals are continually looking for jobs, but because of the prejudice among most of the employers out there, their applications are ignored most of the time or their interviews are withdrawn upon learning about their hearing loss. In this situation, the employers, as well as the deaf and hard of hearing candidates, lose out on an excellent opportunity to help each other become better.

There are three top reasons why organizations should hire deaf and hard of hearing employees:

1. Deaf and hard of hearing people spend almost all their lives trying to adapt to their environment as best they can, and that ability help to augment their hearing loss which often make them determined and flexible when faced with various challenges. Their out-of-the-box creativity and problem-solving skills can bring unique solutions to the organizations.

2. Hiring deaf and hard of hearing employees can bring to your team a whole new perspective in serving others. And, if your organization happens to serve a lot of deaf consumers, having reliable employees who are responsible and hardworking can be a fantastic addition to your business.

3. Deaf and hard of hearing employees can be an excellent addition to your company as a part of the diverse workforce that you may want for your business which also provides the opportunity to enrich the culture of your business.

Another top three advantages of hiring deaf or hard of hearing employees

1. Many employers do not know this; as a small-business-owner, you can receive a tax credit up to five thousand dollars ($5,000) for having deaf and hard of hearing people work in your company.

2. By taking advantage of many of the affordable services where employers can post their deaf job opportunities online, businesses can save so much on their hiring process and receive applications from qualified and experienced individuals looking for employment. Deaf or hard of hearing recruitment services are an excellent source for employing deaf colleagues in your company.

3. Just like every other group of people, deaf and hard of hearing individuals are also great at using communication tools. Most of the deaf and hard of hearing employees are qualified to use many of the digital business communication tools to enable them to efficiently execute their jobs.

Deaf and hard of hearing employees can be quite competent at their jobs just live every other person. There are more advantages than disadvantages in hiring deaf and hard of hearing employees. That said, the employers should not fear them or become reluctant in employing these talents in their companies.



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