Andela Bootcamp Experience

Another day in bootcamp. Hectic as usual with many code challenges to solve. Going back to my first day, I remember the first set of code challenges looking insurmountable with developed algorithms converted into code, failing initial tests and eventually passing after continuously applying tweaks.

Coding challenges with ranging difficulties have come along with new learning experiences, going further into topics which I previously had peripheral knowledge of while testing my ability to do some intensive self studying and to work and deliver under pressure. Hasn’t been a very smooth sail but the voyage is still on course as I carry on with my win or learn and ultimately still win mantra.

I have met a quite a number of people who share similar interests and made new friends whose associations I intend to continue after bootcamp. I have also met met senior developers who serve as bootcamp facilitation assistants(BFA’s) whose advice I have taken to heart.

I have also met one of the two developers I’ve heard and read about, Faical Tchirou and the other being Prosper Otemuyiwa, who I take inspiration from.

Still looking forward to our next meetup - the second self-learning clinic with new challenges and ideas to be shared. By no means are the challenges over, but I know I am up to the task.

All of this is part of a rigorous selection process to be part of the selected top 1 percent of tech talents on the African continent to be trained to be world class technical leaders and developers. It has been fun, challenging and totally worth it.