Culture — Have you found yours?

“Little changes in your actions can cause a Tsunami in your results” — Robin Sharma

There are subtle moments in life where your entire life takes a drastic and immediate change. For me it came after hearing the words in a speech, “Guard your culture with your life.” After hearing that, I made it my mission to define my culture, live by it and defend it with my life…

What is culture???

Culture is the blueprint for who you are and what you stand for. It defines you like a fingerprint, unique only to you… A direct reflection of who you are when no one’s around. It allows you to live life on your terms, by your beliefs and your values. Your culture is the best part of you, because it’s your most authentic self!

To be clear, I am not talking about where you are from or what colour your skin is, that is a different type of culture. What I am talking about goes deeper than skin colour or up bringing.

Everyone has a culture, it’s something that you are born with. It may grow and evolve over time but it is always in you. Figuring out what your culture is, who you are when no one’s around, is one of the most powerful things that you can do for yourself. What do you believe in, what are you values? Once you get a crystal clear picture of who you are, you can take your business and life to levels you have never dreamed of.

Identifying with your culture is something that you cannot be afraid to do. You must own it and be comfortable with what your culture is and who you are before you can thrive and reach your version of ultimate success.

When you reflect on your life, most of us try to block out the negative and only think of the positive times. I would argue that it’s in our darkest moments that we find out what we are truly made of.

In order to grow you must first experience pain. And it is when you are experiencing the most pain, that you are growing the most.

Failures are only failures when you learn nothing from them. Even your biggest or darkest moment has something to teach you.

Discovering your culture is simple. One tiny act, which when done consisently day in and day out will have a profound impact on your life. All you need to do is…

Stay True To Your Word.

For me this is the biggest factor because once you have developed a culture of always staying true to your word, your life will immediately change for the better. I am not talking about following through with what you say every once in a while, I am talking about following through all day, every day! I am a firm believer in putting yourself first and foremost above anyone else and I say this as a father and husband… Here is my reasoning behind it; when you follow through with your word to yourself you will be a better, in my case, father and husband. When I say that I am going to do something that I know will help me become a better person, for example going for a run first thing in the morning before the wife and baby are up. Not only will I get to benefit from starting my day out right with a great work out, it also means that my family gets to spend more time with me in the evening, it’s a win-win. By keeping your word to yourself, you will by default keep it with others as well. The easiest person on the planet to let down is you, don’t do it. There are 6 billion people on this planet, let them down but not you.

How do you figure out what your culture is?

This can be the most challenging part for people because it means taking a look in the mirror and perhaps not liking what or rather who will be staring back… Let me ask you this, what do you want in life? I think we all know this, yet some of us are too afraid to admit it. That’s okay, but remember this is all about taking down your walls and accepting who you truly are. You can’t be afraid to go after what you honestly want in this life, because it’s the only one you get. What do you want to stand for? When people remember you, what do you want them to remember you for? What is important to you? Answering these questions could be the most important thing you ever do.

Lots of people plan and hope their life goes a certain way, I am saying stop hoping and start driving your life in the direction you want to go. Having a clear culture to guide you will ensure that when life throws you a curve ball, you know how to adjust and hit it out of the park! Remember, when it’s easy everyone is happy… when it’s tough the champions are made.

The late Jim Rohn spoke about building a financial wall around your family that nothing can breech. I say develop a culture around your life that nothing can breech. My challenge to you is to become the person that you want to be and get what you truly, deeply want in life!

Like all good things, it will take time. You have to be patient. A farmer doesn’t plant in the spring and leave in the summer. You have to be patient and wait for the crop to grow and harvest in the fall. But trust me, put the work in now and reap the rewards later.

We live in a time with so much opportunity, so much promise, so much abundance, it would be a waste to live a life that you don’t want to live.

So today make a choice that starting right now you will define your culture, commit to it and live the life that you deserve.

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