Art direction and design, SapientNitro | 2015

American Dream

I assisted strategy and user experience team at SapientNitro, turning strategies and user-flows into intuitive designs communicating a seamless, personalized and data driven go-to-maket strategy for American Dream.

SapientNitro was tasked with creating a go-to-market strategy for American dream’s new Meadowlands mall with focus on user experience from a future-thinking perspective. The aim was to create a destination beyond shopping, making American Dream an innovative trendsetter, a social hub and curator of experiences.

  • I collaborated with strategy lead and user experience team translating over all vision into intuitive, user friendly design.
  • Established art direction and managed designers within the team.

The interaction with potential customers starts online; on the mall’s website or mobile app. The main objective for these mediums is to inspire and intrigue the audience, but also facilitate an easy and intuitive path from planing a visit, to- and post physical experience.

Below visual shows some of the tools made available on the mobile app to facilitate a seamless and streamlined experience, examples includes shop directory with way-finding, event planning and booking, parking and ticketing, coat check, people meet-up and finder, restaurant reviews and reservations.

To ease the navigation through the huge mall, alongside the mobile app, visitors can also use the larger displays placed through out the property.

Using NFC data-transferring any information can easily be sent to visitors own devices or be shared with friends. Beacons keeps visitors informed in real-time about discount offers, congestion, upcoming events near by and more.

User experience: Özge Kirimlioglu, Mustafa Bagdatli
Creative director: Kieron Leppard