Art Director, SapientNitro | 2014

American Eagle Outfitters

Conceptualized and visualized comprehensive strategy for American Eagle outfitters; helping them elevate the brand’s digital presence.

As art director at SapientNitro I focused my time in e-commerce, user-driven design and multichannel brand experiences. I lead and directed internal and external creative teams on projects from concept to completion.

  • Assisted AEO executive team identifying key development areas based on competitive positioning and market research.
  • Helped facilitate early stage ideation/sketching brainstorms cross teams for a more time efficient workflow.
  • Collaborated with internal team across user experience, content strategy and front-end engineering through ideation to final iteration ensuring all business needs are taken into close consideration and being executed on.
  • Delivered functioning responsive e-commerce prototype which illuminated key development areas to help client elevate their brand’s digital presence and establish preeminence among competitors.
Early stage ideation | 1. Homepage, 2. Cart, 3. Personalized profile

Collaborated with client stakeholders throughout the project, shared early stage sketches to narrow down focus areas and prioritization to gain value and time efficiencies.

Worked agile with front-end engineers to test and iterate features from sketch to final design) and prototype.

Visual exploration for prototype | 1. Women’s landing page, 2. Product listing page, 3. Cart

Creative director (Design): John Conroy
Creative director (UX): Judith Bartels
Strategy: Marisa Knopman
Content strategy: Seetha Raj
Font-end developer: Will Davidow
UX designer: Adam Stubbs