Senior Design Manager | Jan 2015 —May 2016

Saks Fifth Avenue

Drove the design and vision for Saks digital across all categories; led and enabled team of in-house designers and freelancers.

  • Oversaw day-to-day operations to ensure my team delivered cohesive, on point designs across eight categories, 50+ brands.
  • Introduced streamlined workflows, improved communications, provided clear guidance. Aligned resources to secure a 30% time efficiency.
  • Led site redesign, COOP (brand) initiatives and seasonal creative; leveraged analytics and performance metrics to continually assess, evaluate and deliver impactful design
  • Improved relationship and cross-functional collaboration with merchandise team, marketing teams, copywriters, editors and external stakeholders to ensure alignment with corporate and business unit strategies (providing and encouraging up-down communication)
  • Managed team composition, re-structuring and hiring. Mentored direct reports, helping to match individual passion and growth objectives with team priorities
  • Involved in the process of transitioning to at AEM platform (CMS and front end). Advised on creative needs and platform requirements from a visual brand perspective.


I created a more streamlined workflow by learning team pain points; improving processes, briefs, functional and cross-functional up/down-stream communication. I built a framework with standardized templates and clear brand guidelines.
A more aligned workflow secured +30% in time efficiencies across the team, time re-invested in building a more creative culture grounded in growth, knowledge sharing and proactive creative initiatives.
Going away from an outdated waterfall model where stakeholders worked in silo I inspire ways to collaborate throughout the process which resulted in better output, improved relationships and more ownership, overall improving moral and culture.

Examples of creative output before
Examples of creative output after

I mentored my designers to proactively evolve their categories of responsibility. Look to metrics, learn business objectives and gain a better understanding of marketing strategies, as well as evolve and align Saks’ visual narrative. Evolving from a marketing and merchandise driven culture to one influenced by design; going away from an extensive, longwinded process of making design overhauls, we introduced smaller incremental changes, continuously exploring solutions and closely monitoring performance, iterate to maximize conversion.

Example 1— iterative design: Jewelry & Accessory editorial landing page | 1. Original page, 2. Added visual shop by category: “Want.Need. Love”, 3. Expanded feature, added COOP support (sponsored by vendors).

Total Page: Average demand +22.5% QoQ
“Want. Need. Love”: Increased average demand +77% QoQ

Example 2— iterative design: Shoes editorial landing page | 1. Original page, 2. Added visual nav for trending styles “The want list” and “How to wear it” rotating carousel, 3. Simplified “How to wear it” to maximize performance, added features “In cased you missed it” at the bottom of the page to carry over well performing content.

Total Page: Average demand +11.7% QoQ
The Want List: Average demand +188% QoQ (out-performing all other features combined)