Be The Catalyst For Your Life

Basically my entire life I have struggled with my weight. This led to me being dissatisfied with my body. I felt hopeless. This led to me developing an eating disorder. I felt unhappy. This led to an unhealthy relationship with food. Fast forward to a few months ago this was my life.

Today I weigh in at 190.8 pounds, the heaviest I have ever been. I constantly feel tired, have frequent headaches, deal with a bunch of bloating and stomach discomfort. I wear a size 10 or 12 pant, and a medium or large shirt.

About two weeks ago I was having a chat with the Lord, as I do, and he challenged me to work out 100 days straight. Of course I laughed at the thought of even working out a month straight. But, you know what they say, a blessing lies on the other side of your obedience. So today I started working out, and modifying my diet.

I am excited to see what is going to happen with my body in this next 100 days! And I’m excited to be able to share my journey with you. Every post I hope to update you on my body, diet/workouts, and some tips… but I have no idea what I’m doing, so this will be a new journey for all of us!

Just remember to stick with it, and even when you don’t think you can do it: I’ll be right here rooting you on.



  • Breakfast: two scrambled eggs w/ cheese and hot sauce

Workout::Strength Set (x3)

  • Dumbbell squats [12 rep]
  • Overhead medicine ball throws [12 rep]
  • Dumbbell rear lunges [12 rep]
  • Pushups [12 rep]
  • Bench dips [12 rep]
  • Body weight squats [12 rep]
  • Lat pull-downs [12 rep]
  • Medicine ball jumping jacks [12 rep]
  • Incline pushups [12 rep]
  • Bicep curls [12 rep]
  • Side lat raises [12 rep]
  • Single arm dumbbell rows [12 rep]