Why everybody should write

And you should, too!

The art of writing is not a special skill like many people think. It is a part of the 4 skills in language learning and learning in general. Some people may overlook the fact that they are always writing, and it cannot be avoided. An example would be posting on social media — whether it be a single word status update, a short paragraph describing the day or what I consider a special form of “writing”, capturing the moment with a picture/video/audio (hence writing 0’s and 1’s).

Now that we’ve shown the prevalence of writing on our lives, let us move on to reasons why you should actively pursue writing.

Writing will make you smarter.

The brain, as you may have read/heard of a hundred times by now has always been compared to a regular muscle in the body. The more you train a muscle, the stronger it gets over time — the same is true for our processing parts. If you are just starting to practice your writing skills, like me, you are expected to also learn about your topic. One thing I have learned is that by doing or learning something new, you are actually strengthening your brain. Although it is not a guarantee that it will transform you into a smarter person, I believe it is a step towards that direction.

Expressing yourself through writing will give you a feeling of relief.

Imagine yourself as a kettle, constantly accumulating daily experiences — whether good or bad, slowly building up inside of you until you reach a certain point where you definitely lose control and some of it spill out — burning a person or two in the process. Writing offers a cup where you can pour in contents welling up inside of you and make yourself (or others) delicious coffee (or tea) for everyone to enjoy.

Writing your goals is a good way of tracking — and eventually achieving them.

Having a visual reminder of what your goals are enforces a subliminal effect on oneself to adhere to, make decisions and actions leaning towards this directive. Laws are often followed if they are written and read. Treat your goals like the law and you can never stray away from it.

For people who are looking into or are interested in writing, translate that curiosity into action and write away! This is definitely what I am doing right now, keeping an open mind and just going with what I think will work for now. What is important is to start somewhere and improve (improvise?) as you go. I wouldn't go as far as perfecting this skill, it would likely depend on where you want your writing to take you.

I want you to write now, right now!