How to Love Your Wife and not be bitter Against her

How to Love Your Wife and not be bitter Against her

What does it mean to love one another?

- It means to take another person as yourself, whatever you won’t do to yourself, do not do to another person.

- It means to sacrifice for another. The almighty sacrifice his only son for us. They took Jesus just as they used to take lamb to the altar for sacrifice. The same people that slaughtered him were the same people he was dying to save their lives. Their sins were also among those to be forgiven.

Reasons God tells the husband to love

If you love your wife, there is nothing you cannot do for her. She will be more valuable than anything material. You will not get angry because she cannot cook like others, or because she bash your car, lose money or may be she cannot dress like others.

Love as affection and adoration

Remember, the two important synonym for love is affection and adoration. Other words for affection is regard and care. You must treat your wife with regard, you must have regard for her. You must never try to marry somebody you do not love.

Treat with care

Another important word that can replace affection is to treat with care. You talk to your wife with care, treat her with care, react with care, and never be rough. You should not allow your wife to be overworked, hire laborers instead.

Why Not bitterness

This means God is stating clearly that the wife will sometimes make the husband bitter. Before God tells you not to be bitter, it means there will definitely be something she does that tries to make you bitter.

Reasons for love

This is the main reason God commands that men should use the weapon called love whenever they want to enter into relationship with women because love does not know bitterness. In other words if you do not use love when relating with a woman, you will be beating her every day.


There is different between love and like. You can like someone because of an impression; nice haircut, beautiful face, large breast, dull eyes, speaks good English, lovely smile, dressing, boldness and much more. None of these can make any good reason to love.

You cannot love your wife if you do not love God;

This is why I tell women to go for men that love God. If a man does not love God, it is hard for him to love you. Only men that love God understands what is true love. Love is a spiritual thing, it is generated only in God, by God.

Love is spiritual — How to Love Your Wife

Love is a spiritual thing, you have to be spiritual to love. God is love and God is a spirit. There are two things that makes someone to be spiritual;

What does it mean to love God with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your strength?

- To spend time on God’s word

- To praise and to worship God always

- To pray



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