On the 18th of October 2015

In the early hours of the morning we had the family morning prayers, after which our daily routine of house chores began. Precious!!! My mum shouted, have you checked your posting for NYSC is out. And am like no ma, will do that later in the day. I head back to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for my dad before he leaves for work.


I walked into my parents’ room to serve them their dinner and dad says; Precious which states did you fill for the NYSC posting. I returned the answer with a smile, dad I filled in Abuja, Enugu and Ogun states. Remember the conversation was between me and my dad, and my mum is so furious and she’s like why Enugu or Ogun. Do you know anyone there, why didn’t you put Lagos, Port-harcourt, Calabar or Uyo?

Now this state’s she mentioned were out of my league in the terms that she knew people there and she could always pop in anytime on me. (CHUCKLES)I picked these three states so that I would be far from home and know what it’s like to be dependent and fend for myself. Well there was nothing I could do I had already filled it.


My Parents left for work, my siblings went out and I was home alone. After my chores I slept off, later when I work up I grabbed my phone and scrolled through my whatsapp messages. Then went on line to check where I was posted to and I saw Abuja. I just sat on my bed and smiled at myself.

Later when my parents came back, I welcomed them, served them and ran some errands for them. AS usual Precious!!!! My mum shouted I heard NYSC posting is out, have you checked yours and I replied yes ma. I was posted to Abj, or madam your own is good said my mum.

On 23rd of October, packed my things and was ready to head to Abuja. I was to report to camp on the 28th of October. I was so full of joy not knowing what the future holds or me before and after service. I reported to camp on the 28th of October 2017 to camp and it lasted a period of three weeks, during that period I made a lot of friends, tried new foods and started learning how to speak Hausa (laughs). We were out of camp on the 14th of January 2016, reported to my Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) and boom I had started working. Each day I wake up not knowing what the day had in store for me, let alone what this small city had in store for me. I was gradually coming to the end of my service and it had dawned on me that I was going to be out of job anytime from now.


As I wiped the sweat that trickled down my face, I wondered what my fate was as I approached where I was to be interviewed. I entered the garden and it was so beautiful, it had different flowers by each side and trees where one could sit under to have a drink or meeting. The environment was so full of nature around it, I had just sat down when I was told to come in. (TENSED) I got into the room where we were being interviewed and greeted with a smile. A lady responded to my greetings by asking me to talk about myself, (exhaled out) smiled and did a summary about myself and presented my CV to her when I was done. She then asked, are you serving?i said yes, so why then are you looking for a job. I replied by telling her I was rounding up soon that’s why I applied for this job. After she glanced through my CV she said I was not qualified for the job.Wow, I was so devastated, surprised and I was like did I think it was going to be that easy or what. Sincerely speaking up till date I don’t know what I thought before I left for the interview, I have tried remembering but still can’t figure what it was.

I was still in shock when my phone rang, I didn’t even see the caller picked it and could tell from the voice it was my dad; how are you? My dad said, I held my tears and responded fine and he was like you don’t sound it. I just lied and told him I was having a headache, oh really he said. You should take some pills and rest and I told him I was going to do that. After we had a little conversation he ended the call. As soon as I reached home, had a shower after which I slept off. Woke up to the laughter of my housemates, got up from the bed and went to the parlor to watch a program on TV.

The next day I went to my PPA, went about my daily activity in the office. My boss gave me some letters to dispatch later that day so while I was on it, I had a conversation with one of the staffs and from the conversation I found out that they had not employed people over the past 10years,immediately I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I was so weak and confused. I got back to do office, cleared the work I had left. Looking at the clock I waited for the close of work impatiently, because my day was ruined by the sad news already.

5th October 2016

I got to camp to collect my discharge certificate, took pictures with some friends, had a lot of congratulatory messages come into my phone, and updated my pictures on social media. After we left camp, myself and my friends hung out cause some were going to leave, while some decided to stay back. And I was among those who decided to stay back (CRYING).


If I was ever told that it was going to be this difficult looking for a job in Abuja, I would have insulted the person. I always felt it was going to come easy and that people would be willing to give you the opportunity to work and learn. Little did I know it was all about connection and knowing the right set of people.

So yes my search for job continues but this was just the beginning (smiles in a sarcastic way). A new restaurant was to be opened somewhere in wuse and the needed an accountant and manager, I applied for the position of an accountant since that was my field was called for the interview. On the day I was scheduled for the interview, I got u early and arrived an hour before the time I was told to come, on arriving I met people who were also invited for the same interview. Waited for an hour before those to interview us came in, one by one we went in, Finally it was my turn, got in with a smile. Was asked some questions relating to my CV and we chit chatted a little while, I remember the man among the panel of those who interviewed me asked me if I had ever worked in an eatery and my reply to him was NO. The next question he threw was have you ever managed an eatery? My reply was still NO. He then said do you think you would be able to manage an eatery, and I can vividly recall that I told him I don’t mind learning and that I was ready to give it a shot not minding if I had to combine it with the accountant position. He just told me bluntly that he doesn’t think I can handle it since I have never worked in an eatery before those were his words to me. I responded immediately that I was ready to learn on the job, and he stood by his words saying he wasn’t going to give it to me. I just sat in the chair and wondered into space. While I was staring into space, I could hear him calling on the next person to come in. He then excused me and told me to leave for the next person to come in.

I was given an invite for another interview which I attended and was told I would be called back. Now I was called back, but not by the human resource rather one of the men who were among the panel did call. And from the conversation he told me if I wanted to get the job, I have to sleep with him. Since I refused, he told me there was no space for me.

I was invited for another interview in a bank along Maitama in December 2016, wrote the test which was computer based and I wasn’t successful. Was disappointed in myself because the questions were really simple, so how come I failed it. Got myself together and headed for the next interview which had on the same day. After a long hectic day which was full of interviews I headed for home, while on the way I was wondering how I failed the bank test. After sometime I decided to just let it slide. Some people who wrote the bank test were called back and from my findings I got to realize they knew one or two persons (i.e. in the bank). Now to verify my assumptions were right I made some calls to several others and I was told that some people were already selected for the job and that the test we took was all for formality. I was so bitter and I hated this City, but come to think of it others have survived in this same city and are making it big time. So there’s no excuse for me not to excel here.

TICK TOCK TICK TOCK………the time goes. I had to get use to rejection because some places did reject me, some promised to call me back but they never did, some I attended and I could tell from the faces of the panel I was not getting the job. I have applied in Schools, Hotels, NGOS, Governments, Banks, sent my CV to other states, go from door to door, go through newspaper each day etc and a whole lot of other places too many too mention. My hunting for job continues, meanwhile I will stop here for now cause I have to rest against tomorrow before I embark on my next journey (SMILES)………

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