Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

Dear Ms. Lyne

It wasn’t the depth of anger, disaffection combined with mistrust or resentment, that resulted in Trump becoming president. It was the founders idea to institute the electoral college, because they felt that the population was not intelligent enough to choose a leader for this country. Those days have since passed, therefore you should be calling on congress to abolish this antiquated method of selecting the person, for the world’s most important job. Did you know that Clinton won the popular vote, but the electoral college system makes it possible for the president to be elected, with only securing twenty-two percent of the votes cast? You should be calling from the highest mountain top, “One person, one vote”. Mark, is not the one you should be making your case to, call your congress person, and let them know that, all votes should be equal, and that’s what democracy demands! If you think I am full of crap, research what I have said, and if we aren’t in agreement, then You deserve Trump, and you are not intelligent enough, to know why. I now drop the mic.

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