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Here’s the thing. Imagine if Google Glass had been received enthusiastically by the world rather than with apprehension and fear. Imagine if Google had made it an accessible device rather than highlighting it’s exclusivity (made worse by white guy technocrat privilege). If we were all wearing those reality augmenting hypervisors, what would be the point of looking at a tiny physical screen strapped to your arm?

Soon enough a personal hypervisor device will become popular, at which point it will radically change society and something like a watch will again seem completely quaint and ridiculous (as it did for most millennials less than two years ago).

Whether it’s Google or Facebook or Apple making an AR/VR device, this little ego trip Cook and Ives have taken us on will be a faded memory and IMHO it can’t happen too quickly. The watch is boring and it pains me to see talented people put so much effort into trying to leverage something that is so clearly a dead end.

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