Twitter is Stupid
James Whittaker

It’s very hard to understand how Twitter is not leveraging the power they have. Twitter is about action, intent and creation rather than consumption. They just simply aren’t thinking big enough. Twitter is the very best venue available today for demand/intent marketing and it is a near real time platform that can provide the kind of reactive response needed to drive supply responses. Twitter could be dominating with a new marketing model focused on the customer. Instead they are chasing Facebook and Google into the past with their mass market passive brand consumption strategies.

So Twitter, please stop chasing the brands and start empowering the customers. We’ve got your back if you’ve got ours. Help us change the conversation and make commerce personal again. I know, the business model isn’t as clear cut and the checks aren’t big lump sums but you’re not a startup anymore. You’re not trying to convince VCs to do another round, you’re publicly traded now — and you need to grow, not play it safe.

If you can’t grow your ad revenue, grow another channel… grow sales referral revenue. Become a direct sales facilitator and let businesses and individuals sign up for lead generation services. If I was a salesperson and I could get hot leads directed to me from people actively tweeting about my product or service… man that would be worth something.

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