Big news here! Livecoin became the first exchange to allow their users to log on to their accounts using the EmerSSL blockchain app. Users can install a personal certificate and configure the login procedure themselves. This option does not override the two-factor authentication method (Google Authenticator), but it is a safer and more convenient alternative to a password-based login system.

What’s the point?

Password-only logon has long been recognized as outdated and insecure. The very method has fundamental drawbacks: Passwords are vulnerable to sniffing, keylogging, video surveillance, phishing, social engineering, and public access point hijacking. …

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Hey everyone! It’s been a very busy month. We’ve carried out a successful hard fork, and most of the exchanges, services, businesses, and users have gradually moved to wallet version 0.7.9. If you haven’t, please do so — we are constantly adding new features and fixing bugs. To make the process easier, we’ve created detailed upgrade instructions.

Emercoin is now listed on the Deex decentralized exchange, while the Hong Kong exchange Fexpro has added BTC/EMC, and XBTS now supports personal Emercoin paper wallets. …

See our previous digest here.

Hey everyone! This was a busy June indeed! First of all, we want to thank the art_of_bug team for discovering two significant vulnerabilities in the wallet code. The first one drained a victim’s RAM, while the second one allowed an attacker to reorganize blocks until the last soft checkpoint with relatively little resources. We have promptly warned all exchanges about possible issues, and you may have noticed that they required more confirmations than the standard six in the first half of June.

While troubleshooting, we have released several consecutive patches and advised everyone to upgrade. The latest version 0.7.9 is not affected by these vulnerabilities.

I hope that the exchanges complete their upgrades and remove all restrictions during this week.

Let’s consider this a blessing in disguise, as such challenges inspire us to develop safer code in future.

Hey everyone, here’s what we’ve been up to last month:

The Emercoin Core

Emercoin Core wallet v. 0.7.6 released with some minor changes:

Changes to the GUI:

  • Minor changes to the Minting tab: Update after each incoming transaction
  • You can now exchange EMC for other cryptocurrencies via CoinSwitch and EasyRabbit, external anonymous exchanges.

Changes to the JSON RPC:

  • Sign raw name transactions with the standard signrawtransaction command. Now compatible with atomic swaps at EmerAPI KeyKeeper, which you can also sign.
  • Set the zero interval to unblock the wallet for an unlimited time with the walletpassphrase command.

1) emercoin-qt: some fixes…

Hey everyone! Something small but important happened this month: A few enthusiasts volunteered to join the project as translators, so Emercoin’s content will now be routinely updated in other languages. As we are an open-source project, community support is essential for us. So whether you can contribute to translations, suggest code improvements, or even create your own Emer-based project, this will be of great help!

Specific improvements:

Emercoin core

  • Better heuristic filtering against PoS attacks.
  • In the Minting tab, the default calculation period is now 24 hours.


  • New KeyKeeper version, which includes error fixes, better digital asset management, asset ownership, and more.
  • Localization automation tools.
  • French translation courtesy of Jeff Bouchard.
  • Chinese translation courtesy of Mr. Chiang Qun-Li.
  • App translation underway for both languages.


  • Chinese translation of the Randpay article.

Last month digest

Hey everyone, here’s what we’ve been up to last month:

Emercoin core

We released core version 0.7.5, featuring the following improvements:

  1. emercoin-qt: The GUI wallet can now be run as an SUID executable on Linux systems.
  2. emercoin-qt: A few GUI improvements, including data copying from the emerSSL tab to the NVS.
  3. rpc: Randpay commands now have their own help covering their whole functionality.
  4. emerDNS: The built-in server now runs on a dual stack and supports both IPv4 and IPv6.
  5. Our longtime friends at Aspanta have brought back the Linux repositories and updated them to the latest versions.

They now support:

Interview with Anna Verba and Andrey Gorbatenko

Aktiv financial academy is one of the most active users of the Emercoin blockchain. Their story shows that despite any “crypto recessions”, blockchain is not merely alive, but continuously opening up new non-monetary uses. That’s really inspiring.

I talked to the academy’s founder & CEO Anna Verba and CTO Andrey Gorbatenko to find out some of their best practices of applying blockchain to real-life business issues.

Eugene Shumilov: How do you use blockchain technology in your business?

Anna Verba: We started using blockchain to secure our diplomas against counterfeit. We achieved this pretty quickly, but we are now willing and…

Emercoin core

We’ve released core version 0.7.4, which now supports Randpay, along with a whitepaper for the latter. The wallet also features several other improvements, most notably EDNS0 support. The explorer can now show Randpay transactions. Coming soon: IPv6 DNS support.


We’ve released the first manual for the EmerAPI GraphQL interface. You can find function descriptions and GraphQL/JavaScript examples here.

We’ve released KeyKeeper prototype version 0.0.5, with syntax highlighting for standard names, name templates, electronic document signature, and a bunch of minor changes and improvements.


We’ve finalized the iOS app, which is now available in the App Store (a bugfix is on…

Large-scale micropayment subsystem based on the Emercoin cryptocurrency

This article describes a system for aggregating payments based on a zero-trust lottery protocol. We demonstrate its applicability to very large-scale settlements amounting to trillions of transactions per year. Under the protocol, the payment recipient creates a unique payment address and defines a space of possible payment addresses including this one. The payer chooses a random address from the specified space, creates a payment transaction to the selected address, and then sends the transaction to the payment recipient. If the address specified in the received transaction matches the previously created one, the recipient signs the transaction and publishes it to…

Hey everyone! January always feels a little like a vacation, but we pulled ourselves together and dove headfirst into our work. Here are the latest developments:

Emercoin core

We’ve almost finished version 0.7.4, in which we have:

  1. Added an interface for the CoinSwitch exchange. So now you will again be able to use EMC for payments in other cryptocurrencies. These will go from your wallet and through the exchange. We’re currently testing it out.
  2. Integrated Peercoin’s transaction list improvement that shows the stake odds for each UTXO.
  3. Fixed a few bugs, including that nasty one that sometimes caused the wallet to restart.

Eugene Shumilov about Emercoin

Emercoin story

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