Emercoin Digest — March 2019

Hey everyone, here’s what we’ve been up to last month:

Emercoin core

We released core version 0.7.5, featuring the following improvements:

  1. emercoin-qt: The GUI wallet can now be run as an SUID executable on Linux systems.
  2. emercoin-qt: A few GUI improvements, including data copying from the emerSSL tab to the NVS.
  3. rpc: Randpay commands now have their own help covering their whole functionality.
  4. emerDNS: The built-in server now runs on a dual stack and supports both IPv4 and IPv6.
  5. Our longtime friends at Aspanta have brought back the Linux repositories and updated them to the latest versions.

They now support:

- Ubuntu 16.04 (amd64)

- Ubuntu 18.04 (amd64) — new

- Debian 8 (amd64)

- Debian 9 (amd64)


  1. KeyKeeper now supports batch creation of DPO records. It supports various formats, including Antifake-compatible formats, file-based formats, and more.
  2. KeyKeeper now supports JSON RPC in a limited fashion for signing & creating names, compatible with the wallet.