Mobile Wallet Emercoin Basic IOS

“We’ve created a handy ‘screwdriver’ for professionals for whom time and effort are precious.” 
Aspanta Limited Team & Emer Team Developers

This tool is called the Emercoin Basic IOS. This new app is available for download from the App Store. As we’ve already mentioned, this app is created for those who value their time. Therefore, we won’t bother with lengthy descriptions — just the bare facts.

Time is money. So, who exactly is this app for?

For those, who have based their services on the Emercoin blockchain.

I don’t use blockchain. Why should I keep reading?

  • Probably, because you need a reason to implement one of the Emercoin technologies across your production sites, and start using blockchain.
  • And you need a reason to test the app and see all its pros and cons for yourself.
  • Or, to impress with a breaking blockchain bit of news during a lunch with your friends.

So, what is this app all about?

This is a remote Emercoin wallet controller, which ensures real-time connection from your mobile device, and enables you to manage your wallet.

Well, we somehow managed to do without it before…

Yes, we did. However, before the app appeared, the Emercoin blockchain users couldn’t access real-time tracking of coins spent to operate their own apps. Now you can control the situation anytime, anywhere. The app shows all income and expenses for the Emercoin blockchain-based services.

What features are actually available:

Emercoin Basic enables you to track your balance and check the amount in two currencies (EMC and USD) at once.

Work with NVS records (create new ones or search for existing ones.)

Send and receive EMC coins

View the list of transactions

Where can I download the app?

From the App Store. Enter “Emercoin” in the search bar, or simply click this link: