Luxury & Class Filled Hotels in Hanoi, Vietnam

What do you actually know about Hanoi? Have you ever been t Hanoi, Vietnam? If your answer is ‘no’ then for your kind information, Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and it is also known as a popular destination in the world of tourism. Vietnam is not just known because of war or tragedy but also because of its beauty. There are various tourist attractions such as Halong Bay & Sapa in the mountains near the Chinese border and you can reach these two primary tour attractions that are located outside Hanoi. It will be better to accommodate yourself first in one of the finest hotels in old quarter Hanoi. The old quarter is located around the centre of Hanoi & provides access to all primary attractions in the city such as Ngoc son temple, Ho Chi Minh Complex, one pillar pagoda & the old quarter itself that will be a very fascinating experience for every traveller.

As for the hotels in old quarter Hanoi are concerned, they are well known for providing a hotel with peaceful environment that make you feel like you are staying in your own home. Emerald hotel Hanoi is one such hotel that has all these major qualities provided to the esteemed guests. This particular hotel is also the member of the Emerald Hotel Hanoi group. So these kinds of hotels are exclusively known for the pure luxury they are providing to its guests. There is an added advantage such as presenting reasonable prices, very caring and friendly staff at service and local knowledge that is provided to the customers in exploring the city. It will be better if some of you are trying boutique hotel in Hanoi. This type of hotels contains all the newest amenities & it is well designed to provide judicious customers who want to have a modern-day touch on their experience. As an added advantage this hotel is located at the centre of the old quarter.

Even business hotels in Hanoi Vietnam are opened for business class customers who are comparatively richer than other guests & visitors. For such people, these hotels have suites & twin rooms that are fitted with all kind of modern equipments including imported furniture.

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