How can it not be racist?
Reverse racism IS racism.
Nhan Pham

Hi Nhan, I totally get your confusion… and even outrage. Please take some time to learn about the concept behind “no such thing as reverse racism.” I say this because understanding why intelligent people of sound mind would make such an “outrageous” statement is critical if you have an interest in moving the discussion forward…and it seems like you do. Remember, the term racism refers to a systemic issue. Your very most key word here (it bears repeating): Systemic. Please please please pleeeeeeeez attempt to come to a clear understanding of this concept. Search Wiki etc. Honestly, if you grasp this critical intellectual concept (make no mistake, this idea is born of careful, high level thinking — it’s not knee-jerk) you may actually find you feel exhilarated because you will have expanded yourself as a human being. And your ability to find human connection will increase exponentially. This is not just me trying to make a point, it really is a serious request. Do you think you would be willing to spend a few minutes researching this concept? If so, let me know how it goes!

Best, Emerald