My untruthful opinions
Jonas Ellison

I know this is beside your point, but I have such strong feelings about stuff like this. I’m so outrageously “sensitive” to aural disturbances in the field if I ever pass a drum circle in the park (God for f*king bid) I have to plug both ears and scurry/sprint past. And I’m all Oh-my-God-oh-my-God…

ANYHOO… Here’s my disturbing person strategy: I just approach them and on the down low just kind of “inform” them like “you prolly don’t realize this but everyone can hear you…I thought you would want to know…” kinda thing.

Or I might say, “You gotta tone it down I’ma loose my mind.” That works good too. I just kinda don’t care about their “rights” cuz really I just can’t take it and I don’t feel like leaving and they are indeed being rude as we all know…

Hope this helps…even though you weren’t asking and I think your post may have been about something else.

Love ya :) :: Emerald

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